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Do you know what is the root cause of human disease?


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Mysticism and Love-Mental factors on physical health
have they not traveled PDF Print E-mail
Mysticism and Love - Knowledge taken from the Holy Quran
Written by Mohammad   
Sunday, 27 January 2013 12:32

Alfi lam mim, the Romans have been defeated (by the Persians) in a land close by. but, in a few years after their defeat they shall become the victors. to Allah belongs the command before and after, and on that day the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah. Allah gives victory to whosoever he will, and he is the mighty, the merciful. the promise of Allah! Allah does not fail his promise, yet most people do not know. they know an outward part of this life, but of the everlasting life they are inattentive. have they never thought to themselves that Allah did not create the heavens and the earth and all that is between except with truth, and for a stated term? yet most people disbelieve that they will ever meet their lord. what, have they never journeyed in the land and seen what was the end of those before them? they were stronger in might than themselves, and they plowed the land and cultivated it more than they themselves have cultivated it. and to them, their messengers came with clear signs, and Allah did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves. evil was the end of the harm doers, because they belied the verses of Allah and mocked at them. Allah originates creation, then brings it back again, then to him you shall be returned. on the day when the hour comes, the wrongdoers will be speechless. they shall have none to intercede for them amongst their associates, and they shall disbelieve in their associates. on the day when the hour has come, they will be divided, those who believe and did good deeds shall be well pleased in a garden, but those who disbelieved and belied our verses and the meeting of the everlasting life, shall be arraigned for punishment. therefore, exalt Allah when you enter the evening and in the morning

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 January 2013 13:10
Earth, the materialistic ocean PDF Print E-mail
Mysticism and Love - Knowledge taken from the Holy Quran
Written by Mohammad   
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 06:48

Hoping to save all of people from materialistic

The human ghost, to be able to walk deep into this materialistic ocean would have wearing diving suits, The Clothes, including helmets and oxygen masks, shoes. Which can explain, where it does not belong to, and thereby a period too short, compared with his real-life, living on earth, are moment. this is a prospecting and exploration work and their biology and self-repaying, which, is to pay of his mission.

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 July 2013 15:13
Diseases caused by inappropriately dressed PDF Print E-mail
The psychological factors effective in body condit - Mental factors on physical health
Written by Mohammad   
Sunday, 16 December 2012 05:29

1 - Breast cancer and reproductive machinery (men and women): Who and What, in our mind creates complex, to the reproductive machinery of a deadly disease called cancer.

2 - Diabetes: What fantasy of our minds that we do not feel we taste the sweetness of life.

3 - Muscle aches and feet: Witch kind of moves or whom caused the deviation in the path of the ghost. Until muscles, with are the tools of the moves, to conduct human affairs and the ghost.

Feet, which move forward towards the direction of the ghost, are determined, they were experiencing pain and cramping.

4 - Neurological Headache and Migraine, what causes your confusion? And you stuck on the Crossroads. And to decisions, make you problems.

5 - Stomach pain and bloating and constipation, kidney stones and liver: What is thought in your head? For the precaution you can think that it is absorbed, And you get to pick who lives, And prevent proper elimination of toxins from your thoughts, your mind takes in, that they have turned to stone.

Rabidity PDF Print E-mail
The psychological factors effective in body condit - Diseases Group R
Written by Mohammad   
Sunday, 16 December 2012 07:06

The belief that anger is a response to each question, and anything can be answered by anger. Please check with yourself, why by trait aggression and anger issues I respond? Is not it better to solve problems by temperament traits of optimism and openness

Last Updated on Sunday, 16 December 2012 07:13
Happy the birthday PDF Print E-mail
Mysticism and Love - Issues of the day
Written by Mohammad   
Thursday, 05 July 2012 09:47

With the hope


the dawn and the rise of Guidance and love in our hearts

Happy the birthday

 of the man how comes from the guidance


everybody, how wants to be guided

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 July 2013 15:18
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